You will be picked from your hotel in the morning at 8:00 hrs and then depart to Mombasa city town. Visit the Akamba handcraft; This is the largest wood carving industry in Kenya. Kamba is one of eastern bantu and they are very famous for the wood carvings. This industry has about 10,000 workers.Its a project that supports Akamba community .

Then drive back to Mombasa city. Mombasa is one of the oldest and second largest city in Kenya, its an Island whereby the southern side is served by the ferry operations, and Westside there is a causeway and Northern part served by a Bridge. The dominance of the Arab influence on Mombasa was suppressed for about 150 yrs when the Portuguese arrived. In 1498 a Portuguese explorer called Vasco Dagama landed on the shores of Mombasa . The purpose of his exploration was to spread the Christian faith and to further expand Portugal trading area.

And the beautifulness of the harbor attracted him but his arrival to Mombasa was met with much hostility among the local people (the Arabs who were the earliest Asians to come 7th century as they were Ivory traders and slave traders. 1593 the Portuguese built the fort Jesus , constructed by Italian actectures . The reason was to control the harbour and protect them from enemies.

Visit the Indian Temple and Elephant Tusks along the Moi Avenue which was built in 1952 by British government for the memory of King George VI. The same year Queen Elizabeth became the Queen of England. Explore the Fort Jesus the old town and the Old seaport. Learn more about the Swahili people who are influence of Bantus and Arabs inter marriages.

Your city tour will include the spices markets, mackinon markets (The oldest local market) which was built by The Chairman of the Imperial British East Africa in 1952 (The Sir William Mackinon). Learn more about fruits and vegetables.

There after you will go for Lunch, proceed to Haller for the feeding of Giraffes, Crocodiles, Hippos and Buffalos. The name Haller Park came from the Europe man, who was the Co-founder of the wildlife nature trails in Bamburi near to the cement factory which is the largest factory in Africa. His mission was to protect the wild animals environment, minerals and natural resources, in their Flora and Fauna. In addition Mombasa is the gate way to east and central Africa , which is served by the new largest sea port and oil refinery .your city tour will end here and return back to your beach holiday .

Price p.p. - 65 Euro

2 pax minimum
Mini bus

The price includes:
  • All entries fees
  • Driver /guide
  • Transport
  • Insurance cover
  • Lunch
  • Mineral water


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